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Lenovo tablet case

In addition to producing computers, Lenovo Group also produces various sizes of tablets. Therefore, Lenovo tablet case protectors are also very common. Because the appearance of most Lenovo tablets is basically the same as that of iPads and Samsung tablets, with only differences in size and thickness, the production process of Lenovo tablet protective covers is basically the same as that of other brands of tablet cases, and the outer shell looks almost the same. It's just that the size and material of each size of tablet cases are different.

Lenovo case

Lenovo tablets mainly include tablets with screens such as Lenovo Pad 10.6 inch, Lenovo Pad 11 inch, Lenovo Pad Plus 11 inch, and Lenovo Pad Pro 11.5 inch. Our company's Lenovo Cases are mainly suitable for these Lenovo tablets.
In terms of materials for Lenovo tablet protective covers, there are silicone materials, PU leather materials, TPU materials, hard PC materials, and fabric materials. In terms of technology, there are mainly several types, including voltage technology and manual sewing technology.
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lenovo case

Lenovo tab p11 plus case

lenovo tablet case
lenovo tab p11 plus case
lenovo tab m8 case

Lenovo tab m10 plus 3rd gen case

Lenovo tab p11 pro gen 2 case

This Lenovo Pad Pro 11-inch case consists of two parts, one is the soft silicone backshell and the other is the PU leather cover, which are bonded together by heating. The biggest feature of this Lenovo Pro 11 case is that it is very lightweight and the color looks very fresh. The case takes special care of the camera holes, buttons, charging holes, etc. of the Lenovo Pro 11 tablet, and has a special design. The cover of the case is mainly made of PU leather, magnets, and PVC cardboards.



FunctionShockproof Waterproof Dustproof Cover
ColorBlack/pink/Purple/Skyblue/Light Green/Gray/Others
Payment TT
OEM&ODMWarmly Welcomed
PackageOpp Bag+carton Box
ShipmentBy Sea or air

Lenovo p11 plus case

Lenovo p11 pad case

This Lenovo p11 pad case comes in many colors, including black, pink, sky blue, navy blue, dark green, lemon green, lavender, and purple. Of course, customers can also choose other colors or styles regularly according to their needs.
This style of Lenovo p11 pad case is not only suitable for p11 tablets, but also for other sizes of Lenovo tablets.
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  • lenovo tab p11 plus case
  • lenovo tab p11 plus case
  • lenovo p11 plus case

Lenovo tab m10 case

This Lenovo tablet case has many magnets installed on the cover, which can tightly adhere to the backshell of the Lenovo tablet and also has intelligent sleep function. When we open the tablet case, the Lenovo tablet will be automatically awakened. When the tablet case is covered, the Lenovo tablet will automatically enter sleep mode. In addition, the cover of this Lenovo case uses three pieces of PVC cardboard, so it can be folded into an angle of 30 or 60 degrees, making it easy for tablet users to watch TV or type.
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lenovo tab p11 pro gen 2 case

Lenovo tablet cases

lenovo case
lenovo case
lenovo case
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