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puffer case

Usually, when we talk about a puffer case, we refer to a phone case. The appearance of the puffer case looks like an inflated puffer. It's also a bit like a puffer jacket case. Of course, there are also some puffer cases where a puffer pattern is drawn on the surface of the case. In addition to the puffer phone case, there are also puffer tablet cases.

About puffer

Puffer is a type of fish found along the coast of China and in the western North Pacific Ocean. It is widely distributed around the world and mostly lives in the sea, with some freshwater also present. Around April every year, thousands of puffers swim from the sea to the inland river for reproduction and reproduction.

Characteristics of puffer

The puffer body is cylindrical in shape and gradually narrows backwards. The body is exposed without scales or full of burrs, with one dorsal fin and no fin spines, opposite to the anal fin; The skin is tough and thick, without abdominal fins, with a truncated or circular or crescent tail fin; Small mouth and round head; The upper and lower teeth are connected together; Black brown back; White abdomen; Eyes are usually blue-green and will change color with changes in light; The body color and pattern vary depending on the type. Puffer, also known as bubble fish, puffer fish, big jade spot, black wolf, etc., is naturally timid and greedy. When threatened, its esophageal structure is special, expanding into cysts on the front and rear ventral sides. When encountering enemies, it can inhale water and air, causing the chest and abdomen to expand like a ball and float on the water surface. After being caught, it can also inhale and expand even when out of water, making it difficult for its natural enemies to lower their mouths and make a gurgling sound.
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The puffer case

Due to the fact that April is the time when the puffer swims from the ocean to the river, products related to the puffer in April will become hot commodities in the market. Firstly, what is most related to the April puffer is the ocean themed product. For example, dreamy ocean decorations: ocean style bracelets, necklaces, or rings to express blessings and care for the recipient. In addition, there are also some books about marine life; If you are someone who loves DIY products, you can choose a handmade set with an ocean theme, such as ocean puzzles, hand drawn paintings, or knitted sets. Finally, there are also some peripheral products related to the puffer, such as puffer cartoon dolls, puffer keychains or puffer cases, puffer sockets, puffer phone case, puffer iPhone case, puffer tablet case, puffer iPad case, etc. These small items can enhance the fun of holiday gifts. Overall, choosing ocean themed products or related peripherals that match the puffer will be a suitable holiday gift.

Puffer phone case

High quality material: The Puffer phone case is made of the same material as a down jacket, providing perfect protection and a unique fashionable appearance for the phone.
The protective effect of Puffer phone case: Down material provides excellent shock absorption, protecting your phone from falls and impacts, while the raised border can protect your screen and camera.
Ultra thin and lightweight design: Despite providing heavy protection, this shell retains its slim appearance and lightweight weight, ensuring that it does not increase equipment volume.
Perfect fit: Precise cut for easy access to all buttons, cameras, speakers, and charging ports. This Puffer phone case fits closely to the curve of your phone without increasing its size.
Easy to clean: The waterproof and anti fouling properties of inflatable materials make it easy to clean, ensuring that your Puffer phone case always maintains a good appearance.
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puffer case

Puffer tablet case

The puffer case iphone

Compared to the puffer phone case, the puffer tablet case also uses similar materials, with a very similar appearance but larger size, and uses more materials, such as silicone material and soft TPU material. But the puffer tablet case is thinner and has better heat dissipation than the puffer phone case, but its elasticity is slightly worse than the puffer case. Compared to other tablet cases, many puffer tablet cases do not have a cover.

Puffer tablet cases include different brands of puffer tablet cases, for example puffer iPad case, puffer Samsung tablet cases, puffer Xiaomi tablet cases, and puffer Huawei pad cases. and so on.

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