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According to the latest media reports, Apple is expected to launch the new iPad Mini 7 by the end of 2023 or early 2024. Now, as time approaches the second half of 2023, more information about this new product is also emerging. The iPad mini series has always been one of the few small screen tablets on the market, highly favored by consumers.
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About iPad mini 6

However, there are reports that Apple's new iPad Mini 7 continues its usual strategy of only upgrading the processor regularly, and the screen still does not support a high refresh rate of 120Hz.It is worth mentioning that in the previously released iPad Mini 6, users generally reported the existence of "jelly screen" issues. When the user drags the screen up and down, there will be a significant displacement out of sync phenomenon, which looks like the ripples of jelly bouncing. Apple officials suggest that this may be caused by the LCD material.
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The newest iPad-iPad mini 7

However, according to the iFixit disassembly report, the screen of the iPad mini 7 will not decrease compared to the previous generation products. In addition, the iPad mini 7 features a comprehensive screen design with an 8.3 inch Liquid retina screen; The core is equipped with A15 biomimetic chips, supporting 5G and second-generation Apple Pencil; The touch ID is integrated into the top button, and the multifunctional USB-C port can be used to connect and charge; Supports character centering function and also has a 12 million wide angle rear camera.
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About new iPad Air

In addition, it is said that Apple has been testing an upgraded entry-level iPad codenamed J126b. The 10th generation iPad was launched in 2022, similar to the iPad Air 4 and Air 5, with a USB-C interface but built-in A14 biomimetic chip.
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About new iPad Pro

In addition, according to some professional media reports in the industry, Apple will also launch a new generation iPad Pro equipped with M3 chips in the future. The 11 inch version models are J717 and J718, and the larger 12.9 inch version models are J720 and J721. However, there is currently no further product information available for the new generation iPad Pro.
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