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How to customize popular iPad cases?

Ipad pro Color case

As a seller or wholesaler of iPad cases, new buyers purchase iPad cases every month, and there are also old customers who need to replace their iPads with a new iPad case. So, providing iPad cases that are popular with customers is very important. Whether it's in terms of iPad case quality, appearance, or iPad case style and materials, you strive to do your best to make iPad owners loyal fans of your iPad case.

So, how can the seller or wholesaler of iPad cases ensure that the iPad cases being sold are popular with iPad owners? In addition to selling high-quality iPad cases, it is also very important to continuously customize and produce more innovative iPad cases. How can an iPad case seller customize an iPad case that is popular with consumers? Firstly, you need to know how many styles of iPad are available at Apple in order to understand what types of iPad cases need to be customized. custom more iPad cases,pls click the line:https://casemum.com/customizing-ipad-case/

Classification of iPad cases.

The type of iPad case is classified according to the iPad model: Due to the screen size of the iPad ranging from 7.9 inches to 12.9 inches, there are a total of 8 sizes. Some models of iPads have the same screen size, but the thickness of the machine, button position, and sleep position may vary. This factor needs to be considered in the production process of iPad cases. Therefore, distinguishing only from the screen size of the iPad covers a minimum of 8 sizes. If you differentiate by iPad model, there are nearly 15 or more.

According to the production process of iPad cases, they can be roughly divided into manual models, machine sewn models, and hot pressed integrated models.

According to the appearance of iPad cases, they can be divided into iPad case double fold, iPad case triple fold, and iPad case styles with multiple standing angles.

According to the functions of iPad cases, they can be classified into iPad case styles with pen slots, iPad case styles without pen slots, iPad case styles with automatic sleep function, and iPad case styles without automatic sleep function.

According to the production materials of iPad cases, they can be classified into Hard PC iPad cases, Soft Tpu iPad cases, silicone iPad cases, fabric iPad cases, and leather iPad cases.

Choose the style of iPad case that needs customization.

Finding a suitable production factory is crucial before customizing a particular iPad case. Because the iPad case production factory will directly determine the quality, price, service, delivery time, transportation, after-sales service, and so on of the iPad case you need to customize. A good iPad case manufacturer can provide you with many services that make your customization work easier, such as appearance design, material selection, market advice, and so on. When choosing an iPad case production factory for this job, I tend to recommend Chinese production factories because there are many iPad case factories in China and the quality is also very good. The most crucial thing is that in China, the cost of producing iPad cases is very low, and logistics are also very developed, making it particularly suitable for customizing iPad cases in China. Meanwhile, as you need to customize an iPad case, I also suggest that when choosing an iPad case production factory, you must choose an iPad case production factory with certain design capabilities. For example, the factory has a dedicated iPad case designer, which is very important for customizing a good iPad case. In China, many factories are only OEM factories, and the advantage of such factories is to provide OEM processing and production services for iPad cases, rather than providing customized iPad case services.

Determine the production plan for customized iPad case.

After you have selected a suitable cooperation factory and signed a cooperation agreement, inform the factory of the ideas for the iPad case you need to customize. Next, the product designer of the iPad case production factory will create an iPad case design plan based on your ideas, such as creating a three-dimensional view of the appearance of the iPad case, determining the pattern and logo position of the iPad case, and making samples before iPad case production, And I will provide you with the produced samples to confirm the final iPad case production draft.

Customize the design of iPad case

Preparation work for customized iPad case production

After confirming the final production draft with the cooperating iPad case production factory, there is still a lot of work to prepare. You only need to regularly share and confirm the progress of the work with the cooperating factory. For example, the molds required for producing iPad cases (including iPad case molds and logo molds, etc.); The materials required for producing customized iPad cases, such as back shell, fabric, lining, PVC board or cardboard, magnets; Whether the packaging materials and labels are correct, etc.

Formal mass production of customized iPad cases

Before the formal mass production of the customized iPad case, the product designer of the iPad case production factory will generally use a laser cutter to make samples according to the product mold to determine whether the functions of the iPad case are complete, such as whether the key position is appropriate, whether the intelligent sleep function is normal, whether the magnetic suction function of the iPad case is strong, whether the case is strong enough, and whether the logo position is accurate.

Laser printing sample of iPad case

Customized iPad case product inspection and delivery.

If all the above work goes smoothly, the production process of your customized iPad case is actually the simplest thing. You only need to regularly remind the iPad case production factory of the delivery date. For the delivery of customized iPad cases, the most important task is to inspect the goods and determine the transportation of the iPad cases. If you have a dedicated service company (freight forwarder) in China, you can fully entrust the freight forwarder company to coordinate customs clearance, containers, transportation, and other work. If you do not have a dedicated freight forwarding company in China, it is best to entrust the iPad case production factory to help you find a suitable freight forwarding company. iPad case has many customized customers, and they can still provide a lot of help in the transportation field.

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