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Since engaging in the production and manufacturing of commonly used iPad cases on the market, Casemum has always maintained the innovative concept of creating iPad cases to ensure that Casemum's iPad cases are not completely commercialized in terms of craftsmanship and design inspiration, which is the design goal of the product to meet the personalized product pursuit of iPad owners. Having unique products and establishing market reputation before considering commercial factors is also an important reason for the rise of many traditional international well-known brands. Handmade iPad cases are also a handicraft.

Designer iPad case-Casemum

Compared to traditional well-known brands, iPad is a new type of personal digital product brand. Therefore, all iPad case manufacturers and brands around the world are almost from the same starting point for product design and marketing. Therefore, the brand awareness of iPad cases is fair to all market participants, and they gradually shape their own iPad case brand awareness from scratch. 
This indicates that participants and designers in the entire industry only need to immerse themselves in studying the various processes involved in the production process, and incorporate genuine innovation. Consumers will be willing to choose a new design iPad case, but the premise is that the design and production details of the iPad case should not be contaminated.
In addition, even as industry professionals, they will constantly innovate in the style and market popular elements of iPad cases. This indicates that in terms of educating consumers, such as identifying elements such as materials, craftsmanship, and craftsmanship, the brand needs to constantly update content. Due to the fact that iPads are electronic fast moving consumer goods, Apple regularly releases new iPad models almost every year, which is the design direction provided by Casemum when designing iPad cases. No matter how a designer changes the pattern and material, the style of the iPad that the iPad case is suitable for is basically fixed. This reason also to some extent constrains the imagination and innovation of iPad case designers.

IPad case Designer

We hope that when users mention Casemum, the first thing that consumers associate with it is that this brand is a production factory specializing in tablet case products, and the iPad cases produced by this company are relatively sturdy, sturdy, and the appearance is also in line with consumers' ideas. Overall, we hope that consumers consider Casemum to be a trustworthy and conscientious iPad case supplier.
Due to the fact that the iPad belongs to personal digital products and is updated very quickly, the competition from the market for iPad cases is also very fierce. Therefore, as a tablet case manufacturer, Casemum's factory produces traffic iPad cases that are easy to see on the market, such as the same style as Apple's official website, some classic material iPad case styles, and so on. But at the same time, Casemum will have some differences from some traditional iPad case production factories. For example, in addition to iPad cases made of PC, PU leather, TPU, silicone, and other materials, we will also have some handmade iPad case designer styles to showcase Casemum's many unique and distinct personalities.

iPad case designers difference

The most typical feature is that Casemum's business model values product quality more than flashy appearance. This difference has brought great differences to our product design. The conventional product design logic follows creativity and innovation, and then determines the user base and product characteristics before launching the main product. And Casemum's works first place more emphasis on the quality and practicality of the finished product, achieving the ultimate unity of cost, appearance, and practicality of iPad cases, so that consumers can be attracted by Casemum's products at a glance among the numerous iPad cases.
For consumer categories with obvious craftsmanship attributes such as leather bags and clothing, breaking conventions and maintaining individuality are often the most important. For example, the development process of world-renowned brands such as Herm è s and Louis Vuitton has gradually grown and strengthened according to this development pattern.
However, compared to traditional well-known brands, the establishment time of the Casemum brand is very short. It was gradually developed by an OEM/ODM company. The iPad case works produced by Casemum first obtained any from a group of wholesalers in the industry, and then gradually gained a group of loyal users. Part of the reason why Casemum established its brand is to better protect work patents, because as an accessory for digital products, the speed of updates is very fast, and with the development of the Internet, facing competition from online sales platforms is completely beyond the imagination of traditional well-known brands. As Casemum's sales continue to grow, more and more people are paying attention to it. Therefore, to some extent, our iPad case first gained recognition from buyers for our production quality, which is the difference between Casemum and traditional brands such as Hermes and Armani.
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